• Art defines us


  • Performing Arts education provides unique cooperative learning opportunities that include problem solving, project based learning, critical thinking, goal setting, and time management.

  • The audition and interview process is fundamental to our success.


  • Arts enrich all human endeavors by bridging differences among people.

  • Student’s deserve contemporary technical and performance based hands on training.


  • An environment that promotes student learning and encourages the creative process should be physically, intellectually, and emotionally safe.

  • A student’s progress should be monitored to ensure their personal and educational success.

  • Good teaching practice recognizes and addresses the various ways by which students learn.

  • Leadership, citizenship, and ethics are a part of every student’s learning experience.

  • Creative freedom and rigorous discipline are fundamental to student success. 


  • The uniqueness of each individual and encourage his or her greatest potential.


We are dedicated to technical proficiency, creativity and high quality results.

We nurture a spirit of belonging and foster understanding among 

diverse communities.

We take good care of our precious Gems entrusted to us.