We love the Arts. Singing, Dancing, Acting, all together or separately, it is powerful. The Arts have the ability to encourage our youth to think differently about themselves, to push through obstacles, and emerge as strong and confident leaders.


We encourage our youth to grow closer and stronger in our community through community involvement. We have our youth working with community and family members building sets, learning to design and work sound and lights, making costumes, painting props/sets for performances and other activities. These are treasured moments spent together, that otherwise would have slipped away.


So, what makes The Next Step different? Under-served youth and adults have a voice through our Performing Arts program. They bring their background and identity to a world-class art-making process. The performances break down ethnic, gender, and age stereotypes about who can inspire, create, perform, and contribute to the further development of the performing arts. On stage, and in front of an audience, our young artists know who they are and what they have to say matters. This is the mission of our non-profit organization.